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Metamorphosis, 2016, mixed technique, canvas, 40×60

In my work I experiment with different materials, bases, techniques, I would like to try everything. My inspiration is drawn from different matters so I could not limit to a particular style, genre, concept. I like contriving so sometimes I make the frames for my paintings myself. I like when the final product is a result of different stages of work and preparation. Sometimes I use old window frames for my paintings and bring them to life once again. What I do fills me with positive energy.  Other than painting I am also interested in art photography, graphic and web design. I have graduated from Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, Bulgaria with master degree in Fine arts teaching. 

Solo exhibition “Usta Slavo” (master Slavo)

  • The show „Usta Slavo“ (master Slavo) will be held from 15th until the 30th of January, 2018 at Art Gallery Petar Staykov – Smolyan. New works of art are being added to the exhibition in Smolyan.
  • The exhibition was held at Community Center “Agreement – 1883” at Slaveyno, region Smolyan, Bulgaria from 5th until the 31st of August, 2017. as a part of the celebration of 114th anniversary from Ilinden – Preobrazhenie Uprising, when I received an invitation to present the show in Smolyan as well. The exhibition was held for charity, as the aim was gathering  resources for The Old School building, which is now Exhibition hall and architectural symbol of Slaveyno and needs a lot of repairs. The cash resources gathered in august was given to The Association for development of Slaveyno. The exhibition was inspired from the architectural heritage left by the famous master-builder Slavo Raychevski (1870 – 1943), born in Slaveyno. He built the Bell tower of Church “St Prophet Iliya”, and also architectural symbol of Slavyeno.

I participate at international, national and regional group exhibitions, some of the latest are:

  • XVIIth annual exhibition  Format 30/30 at Astri Gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018
  • Biennal of contemporary art “Temporal balance – endless shoks“ – gallery „Hristo Tzokev“, Gabrovo – 2018
  • National competition „Wake in the sea“ – Varna, Bulgaria, 2018 edition – prize for painting
  • National competition „Wake in the sea“ – Varna, Bulgaria, 2017 edition
  • National competition „Wake in the sea“ – Varna, Bulgaria, 2016 edition – prize for photography
  • XVth annual exhibition  Format 30/30 at Astri Gallery – Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  • Annual exhibition “St. Luka” of The Association of Varna Artists – Varna, Bulgaria,  2016
  • VIIIth International biennial of small forms – Pleven, Bulgaria, 2016
  • Regional group exhibition „Seen/Unseen“  – Varna, Bulgaria, 2016
  • XXIth National traditional exhibition  of artist teachers – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, 2015
  • XXIIth Biennal of Humor and Satire in Art – Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2015
  • “ART TRANSFER” – group exhibition  of Shumen University students and lecturers – Belgrade, Serbia, 2015
  • Exhibition-plein-air with students and teachers fromKonstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen,  at University botanic gardens, Balchik – 2015
  • Participation at the First students video art festival “Public and personal”, Shumen – 2014Team prize of Shumen in art for 2015

I have participated at project synthesizing the science and the art:

  • I have prepared the illustrations for the article  ”Hermeneutic of seamen’s syndrome „Caught by the iron” and programmes  for well-being, psychological and physical health of crew members in long voyages”, author professor Iliya Peev. The article is in top 5 winning articles in the  competition ”Explain the science” of the magazine “Bulgarian science”, published in issue 110, 2018.

Illustrations in the magazine “Bulgarian science”

  • In 2016 I recreated in series of illustrations the character of Jack London’s Captain Nathaniel West from “Mutiny of the Elsinore” for the monograph “Propaedeutic of maritime psychology and maritime activity”, issued by the Medical university publishing house at Varna, Bulgaria, author professor Iilya Peev – ISBN 978-619-7137-98-9.

Illustration in the monograph “Propaedeutic of maritime psychology and maritime activity”

Illustration in the monograph “Propaedeutic of maritime psychology and maritime activity”

      • I have participated with graphic processing on archival documents in a project led by Professor, Doctor of Psychological Science Iliya Petrov Peev, Captain Naval Reserve Officer “Circular N7 of Military ministry from 9th of January 1881 about establishing Nautical school in Rousse”. The result was published in the Jubilee paper “Vaptsarovec” in May, 2016, dedicated to the 135th anniversary of establishing Naval Academy “Nikola Vaptsarov”.

Graphic processing on archival documents “Circular N7 of Military ministry from 9th of January 1881 about establishing Nautical school in Rousse”

I teach kids at Art school “Magia 7” – Varna:

    • With the children we participate exhibitions, plein-airs, and competitions, win prizes and inspire each other.
    • In 2017 the kids and the teachers from Art school “Magia 7” participated and The Kids atelier, organized by United Bulgarian Bank, during the exhibition at gallery “Graphite”, “Known/Unknown”  from the collection of the bank .
    • My pupils participated with their paintings the “Peace on Earth” art exhibition at The Tehran Peace Museum (the museum was established by the Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support and is a member of the International Network of Museums for Peace) in collaboration with the Bulgarian Embassy in Iran in 2016 and in this way we expressed our empathy to the global peace. The project “Peace on Earth” was exhibited at Graffit gallery Varna, Bulgaria in 2017.